Terms & Conditions

In order to finalize your registration and start with telling your video stories with YourStoryz you have to accept our terms and conditions. We recommend you read them before you accept them. You can download the Terms & Conditions and safe them if you like.

You accept that we are not liable in any way and you use our platform at your own risk. You state that you won’t violate any rights (intellectual or other) of others. And although we do our utmost best to offer you a high-quality platform, we accept no liability of for some reason, at a certain moment are not able to offer this. We need your permission to distribute the videos to the locations that you choose to connect to the service. This ‘connecting’ is a choice that you are offered, but if you like to use this convenient service, we herewith ask your permission to do so. If you are the professional that likes our advanced experience we also need your acceptance on our payment and cancellation policy. You can stop using the paid plan, and fall back to the free service. But you won’t be refunded for fees you already paid.

Note: this summary is just a small preview of the Terms & Conditions, and it does NOT, in anyway, dismiss you from reading the full version.

So be sure to read the terms & conditions as you automatically accept them from the moment you sign in.

Thank you for your time and interest in YourStoryz. And good luck in telling your stories.

Team YourStoryz